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Urinary protein
  • When the urine protein is abnormal, please notice your kidneys.
Urine occult blood
Family Medicine
  • When the urine occult blood is abnormal, please take careful to your body.
  • The dialysis can not solve the problem about high creatinine from root.
Urine sugar
  • How much damage on your kidneys from high blood sugar?
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  • Common symptoms of acute pyelonephritis

    The symptoms of acute pyelonephritis much more acute onset, clinical manifestations of infection is related to the degree, but many people don't pay attention to what are the symptoms of acute pyelonep...

  • What are the causes of acute pyelonephritis?

    The cause of acute pyelonephritis: 1, low resistance to body. Female friends, if you have systemic diseases, such as diabetes, also lead to pyelonephritis....